Resources For Financing Your Adoption

Adoption Grant Information
CCAI is happy to support your family if you choose to seek financial aid through grant(s) to fund your adoption. Please Click here for a list of grant organizations. Once you have researched and selected a grant organization that you would like to apply to, CCAI will provide assistance in compiling requested agency documentation for as many grants as you choose to apply for throughout your adoption process.

At the time you receive a grant, CCAI will provide: 1) ongoing communication with grant provider(s) regarding your adoption progress and paid and estimated expenses; 2) tracking and applying your grant funds to the specific adoption fees and travel related expenses; and 3) accounting reconciliation and coordinating with the fund(s) or foundation(s) to determine how best to disburse excess funds if necessary.

$13,190 Federal Adoption Tax Credit for Child Adoption
Adoptive families can claim tax credit for their adoption expenses including necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses directly related to the adoption. Currently, qualified families can claim up to $13,190 adoption expenses. The tax credit phases out for taxpayers with high adjusted gross incomes (above $182,180.00). Adoptive families who plan to claim the credit should file form 8839, titled Qualified Adoption Expenses, and attach it to Form 1040. For more information and to download required forms, visit:

Please click here to access IRS Adoption Tax Credit information.

Employer Adoption Benefits
Many companies offer adoption benefits to their employees, which may range from financial assistance to parental leave. Some employers will help with costs by reimbursing adoption expenses with a cash benefit of up to several thousand dollars. Check your employer to see what adoption assistance may be available.